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Pastor April Officiates Jennifer & Jamie, January 15, 2017 at Fox Hollow Catering by J. Castillo Films

Pastor April Offiiates Vanessa and Matt: The Wedding, by Chris Lobello Productions.

Reverend Joe Iadanza officiates Dana & Dave’s fairy tale story in this beautiful video by James Fischer Productions

Ceremony by Rev. Joe Iadanza from James Fischer Productions on Vimeo.

 Rev Aviva Sala officiates a custom ceremony at the Pavillion at Sunken Meadow Beach. Video by Capture the Moment.

Ceremony by Rev. Aviva Sala from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Rev. Joe Iadanza Officiates Kerri & Nicholas’ Wedding. Video by Capture the Moment.

Ceremony by Rev. Joe Iadanza from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Meghan and Jesse were married at the always amazing NYIT DeSeversky Mansion. If the definition of art is a work that evokes emotion, this video by JoVon Photography and Video, captures the art of life flawlessly

 Rev Joe Iadanza officiates a Greek Orthodox inspired custom written ceremony for Steven and Yianni.

 Rev Aviva Sala officiates Tracy and Jeffery’s Wedding. Video by Capture the Moment.

Ceremony by Rev. Aviva Sala from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Webcast of Empire State Building Valentines Day 2009 weddings

This is a loop of the entire day. The first 12 couples, I have the honor of marrying and there is also an interview on here. To see each couples ceremony click MENU on the bottom right of the player and then Browse on demand library.

The last two of the Valentines Day Ceremonies were performed by Brooklyn based Humanist Celebrant Eileen Regan.

Laura & Jamie
Married at the Woodbury Country Club, the beginnings of their Happily Ever After were captured for the by Capture the Moment!

Ceremony by Pastor April Gismondi from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Jennifer & Greg
Love these two! And this beautiful video by the wonderfully creative Capture the Moment is a great example of how much laughter and tears, some personal parts and some prayers, we can encompass in a 20 minute ceremony!

Ceremony by Pastor April Gismondi from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Laurie and Glen

I had the honor of marrying Laurie and Glen at The Smithtown Landing Country Club. They had some wonderful things to say about one another, their guests and the promise of marriage.

This video is thanks to Rob Coupe of Couped Up Productions. Well worth a look see is you’re thinking video. He also gets great stills that really capture the perfect moment!

Laurie and Glen Ceremony from Couped-Up Productions on Vimeo.

Jennifer & Peter‘s ceremony was held at Chateau LaMer and was broadcast world wide! This is a Live Webcast from Ceremonycast.com.

Tiffany & Shrujal
They were married in a true Interfaith Ceremony in August of 2008. I performed the Christian and Personal sections and then a Hindu Priest continued with the Hindu portion of the ceremony. This clip is of their Welcome of the Guests and Personal Section. This video was edited for the purpose of being shown on my website. The couple’s video of course shows more of them and less of me. Video is here thanks to Tiffany & Shrujal and Pat of Golden Moments.

I write my web site to feel as though we are getting to know one another even before our first conversation and I am always disappointed to have to tell a couple that I am already booked on their day. Finding people that I trust enough to send out in my name has taken many years…

But I do have a fabulous team assembled! Here is Church of Ancient Ways Officiant Rev. Aviva Sala where her style can be seen. They were shot and edited by the incomparable Capture the Moment to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for the amazing job they have done for three of the couples on this page. LOVE you guys!

Are there enough elements that are important for you to include in your ceremony, to make you desire more than the half hour allotted by most catering halls? This was how Shekinah and Jim felt and so the opted to have their ceremony at the Unitarian Fellowship In Huntington. This video generously provided by Capture the Moment.

Ceremony by Pastor April Gismondi from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

Although she was already the founder of Ceremonies of the Heart Rev Deb Viola also holds a Church of Ancient Ways Ordination ans is one of the talented officiants that make up our team. Here you can see an example of her style as captured by Capture the Moment.

Ceremony by Rev Deb Viola from CTM Highlight Reels on Vimeo.

For more videos of vows, unity candles, personal sections, welcomes, off the cuff ceremonies and more see my Youtube page

Do you have video for me? Have you uploaded your ceremony to Youtube? I would love to add it to my favorites there!


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