~ Renewal of Vows ~

Renewal of Vows

~ Diane & Roy ~

(The review below is in their own words as posted on LIWeddings.com)

What can I say about Pastor April that hasn’t already been said?! She is as wonderful, warm, and smart and kind as every other reviewer on this site has mentioned. She helped create an amazingly heartfelt and personal ceremony that I’m sure we will remember forever. Our guests and family raved about how personal and romantic it was. Exactly what we were hoping! We had a great time during our ceremony, giggling and enjoying what was an incredibly intense 20 min! It was perfect and we LOVED every second!

Photo by Kelly Guenther


Maureen and Michael ~ Renewal of Vows ~

~ Moment of Remembrance ~

“It is Maureen and Michael’s wish that as we get started today you all join with them in a moment to remember Michael’s father Nick and brother Steven, whose names and spirits live on in Maureen and Michael’s son Steven. Let us also remember all of the other loved ones who for what ever reason could not be here physically, but who are here in spirit, Maureen and Michael a lifetime of happiness.”


~ Opening Words ~

“Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to join in celebration of the many blessings that Maureen and Michael already share. If our lives are as a strand of pearls, the memories that we share of events like this, are a gift that we give to those who are important to us. The thread that holds everything together and the moments of a lifetime are equally important, but it is the sharing of them with those we love that adds the luster! It was a year ago that Maureen and Michael first made their promises of “for better or worse”… and what a year it has been for them! They have been blessed with a beautiful son and a home of their own, and although it hasn’t been easy the rewards have been well worth the effort. The potential of love is limitless, yet it is marriage that brings it’s highest fulfillment. The levels of commitment they share are like nothing they have ever known before. The realization of what it is to be married, to be joined in spirit and in flesh as husband and wife and parents has for them been an amazing journey.”

“As it is said in Psalm 118:24
‘This is the day the Lord has made…
let us be glad and rejoice in it.’”

~ Welcoming of the Guests ~

“Maureen and Michael would like to take a moment to thank all of you for being here with them today. Their parents who, taught them to cherish friends and family and who have set a wonderful example of what it means to be married through all of the difficult and wonderful things that the years bring. The bridal party, for all the effort that it takes, to be not only a part of a wedding day, but also a part of their lives. And all of you, who have won a place in their hearts that earn you the title of family. Through your countless acts of love and kindness and unwavering support, in so many ways, you have made their lives rich beyond measure of the material world. To have so many of you here, who love them and want to celebrate this day with them is such a blessing in today’s world. Your presence was the only thing missing from their first ceremony, and the only thing that now makes the happiest day of their lives sparkle and shine just a little bit brighter. So once again, thanks for coming!”

~ Rose Ceremony ~

“Donna and Barbara, as the future comes from the past, know that without you this day would not be taking place. As we all know marriage is a coming together of two lives and a celebration of the love of two people. But it is so much more than that alone. The love that Maureen and Michael feel for one another is the flowering of a seed planted by you in their hearts years ago. The very reason they know how to give and receive love itself is a direct result of the love that they were shown by you their mothers as they grew into the man and woman that we see here today. Your children love you very much and thought that now would be the perfect time to remind you of this, by offering you these symbols of eternal love, these roses.”

The Bride and Grooms mothers are presented each with a rose

“May you be blessed with many healthy happy years of watching the next generation thrive.”

~ Maureen and Michael ~

“When asked to tell me a little about themselves Maureen began by calling Michael her angel. His support has become as vital as the air she breathes. He in turn knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing she would not risk for him, for she has already proven that he can trust her with his very life. She was there for him in his time of need and their relationship progressed quickly. They came to each other when both were at a place in their lives when their walls were down, and they were each ready to accept the love of a lifetime. There has always been an ease of communication between them and theirs is a love that grows stronger every day. Michael has a protective and gentlemanly quality that reminds Maureen of her father. They share the same sense of family values and have similar backgrounds. Confirming their choice in one another has been the fact that the people they each love most on the world have come together as smoothly as if they were merely the family each had just not met yet.

To get a better glimpse of what love, their relationship and marriage truly means from their perspective Maureen and Michael have chosen to share with you these words……

“This Day I Marry My Best Friend”
Author Unknown

“This day I marry my best friend
…the one I laugh with as we share life’s wondrous zest,
as we find new enjoyments and experience all that’s best.
…the one I live for because the world seems brighter
as our happy times are better
and our burdens feel much lighter.
…the one I love with every fiber of my soul.
We used to feel vaguely incomplete,
now together we are whole.”

addressing Bride and Groom

Today is the public affirmation and acknowledgment of all that you are to each other. Seemingly your relationship will be as it has always been, yet there is a power in the spoken word. May that power bring you all the warmth and closeness, security and comfort, joy and happiness that this world has to offer.”

~ Invocation ~

“Maureen and Michael come before us today with precious gifts,
Their Love, their Faith in each other,
And their trust in many bright tomorrows.
Let us each pray in our own way
that they may find life’s deepest meaning.
And richest happiness.
That blessings shall forever continue to shine upon them,
Granting them prosperity and abundance,
Health and happiness, joy and peace
In both the physical and spiritual world
For all the days of their journey.”

~ Presentation of the Rings ~

“May I have the rings please?”

Officiant is given the rings

“It means the world to Maureen and Michael that they can proudly say they have both come from families blessed with long and lasting marriages. The rings that they are exchanging this day, like all rings with their perfect circles, speak of love that has no beginning and no end. Yet these rings are very special as they were exchanged thirty-three years ago with a promise of forever by Michael’s parents Barbara and Nick. They honor and tap the strength of generations past and at the same time they celebrate a future that belongs uniquely to Maureen and Michael.”

~ Ring Vows ~

“Maureen and Michael have chosen to write their own vows. Michael will you now tell Maureen what is in your heart?”

Michael speaks his heart

“Will you now place the ring on Maureen‘s finger and repeat after me?”

Michael places the ring half way on to Maureen’s finger

“Maureen, you are my life, my love, my best friend
And with this ring, I thee wed
May it be a reminder of how much I love you,
Not only on this precious day,
But every single day of my life.”

Michael places the ring the rest of the way on to Maureen’s finger

“Maureen will you now tell Michael what is in your heart?”

Maureen speaks her heart

“Will you now place the ring on Michael’s finger and repeat after me?”

Maureen places the ring half way onto Michael’s finger

“Michael, you are my life, my love, my best friend
And with this ring, I thee wed
May it be a reminder of how much I love you,
Not only on this precious day,
But every single day of my life.”

Maureen places the ring the rest of the way onto Michael’s finger

~ A Reading From the Gospel of Paul ~

“Maureen and Michael have chosen to close their ceremony with a reading from the 1st Letter
of Paul to the Corinthians.”

“Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful;
it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on
its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends;
So in faith, hope, and love, abide these three; but know the greatest of these is love.”

“As often as we hear this passage doesn’t it just say everything there is to be said about the art of love, marriage, parenting and family so concisely and eloquently? Maureen and Michael remember these words. And remember it is your humanness that you love most in one another. It is what has made you each so special that you have chosen to spend a lifetime exploring all many wondrous qualities God has given each of you, to bring out the goodness in one another and to forgive the mistakes that growing and learning means you will each make, knowing in your hearts that your love is what matters most.

You are now as your hearts have always known you to be, Husband and Wife. You may kiss your beautiful Bride!”

Bride and Groom kiss and exit to greet their guests!


Renewal of Vows

Dear Pastor April,

We can’t begin to Thank You for such a beautiful ceremony at the Royalton. You made us feel so comfortable, it was like you were family with us at the alter. Everyone was very impressed at how different and personable the ceremony was. Thank You for helping to make our wedding a special day we would never forget.

Love, Brian & Alanna Mazeika


~ Rachel and Mickey’s Renewal of Vows ~

by Dr. Jerry Schwehm of New Orleans LA
Founder and President of the American Association of Wedding Officiants

“People always say that they don’t expect marriage to change them or their love. With the promises you made on your wedding day, you felt you had reached the height of your relationship. For it’s true, it doesn’t get any grander than it is on that day! But what it does get as time goes by is deeper, and richer, and fuller as you grow together.

The rewards of a good marriage are an inner growth that two people become interwoven into the fabric of one another’s life. This is what we are truly celebrating today. Today we appreciate all the care and time and work you have both given, that have brought you to the realization that you’d do it all over again. For marriage, like life, is a journey and like this city you have chosen to renew your vows in, there is no obstacle that shared love and dedication cannot over come and even make better.

Your original ceremony was about all of your hopes and dreams for the future. Today you have the opportunity to say “thank you” to one another, to say that you’d do it all over again, and to reaffirming your commitment to making all of your tomorrow’s as good as your yesterdays have been.

(Here Mickey and Rachel can say a few things to one another if they desire.)

~ The Ring Exchange ~

The ring finger of the left hand, the side of the body that holds the heart, was chosen for the wedding band because for centuries people believed that there was a vein that ran directly from that finger to the heart. They also believed that the words spoken during the placing of the wedding band would resonate over and over again through the heart and soul of both giver and the receiver of the promises made on the marriage date. The promise of a lifetime as husband and wife. What may sound like an old wives tale to some has proven itself to be true through out your life. Therefore that these rings shall not only celebrate the past, but hold the promise of your continuing journey is appropriate. Let them speak to your hearts again.

Mickey do you have Rachel’s Ring to renew your vows?

Mickey: “Yes.”

Slowly place it back on her finger and say to her.

“This ring I give you
In celebration of the love we share
And all that the future shall bring,
And with my heart,
I pledge to you once again that I am.
yours forever.”

Rachel do you have Mickey’s Ring to renew your vows?

Rachel: “Yes”

Slowly place the ring on Mickey’s finger and say to him.

“This ring I give you
In celebration of the love we share
And all that the future shall bring,
And with my heart,
I pledge to you once again that I am.
yours forever.

~ Closing ~

Now that you have again spoken words of love while placing of rings on each others fingers. Those rings will continue to keep those words of love alive in your hearts for many more years to come. Mickey and Rachel today you came knowingly to renew your promises of love for one another, not as newly weds but as committed husband and wife. With the knowledge that life is a journey you have committed to travel together. Go now and enjoy the love you share forevermore as husband and wife.

You may now kiss one another.


Renewal of Vows

~ Patty and Larry ~

With their children grown and on their own, now is the perfect time to begin a new chapter in their love story. They are very different people than the 2 kids who met in High School… but at the same time the important things are still the same and so with a richness of past, present, and future they became husband and wife!


~ Victoria and Daniel ~

~ Opening Words ~

“Welcome everyone! It is such a wonderful feeling to be here with Victoria and Daniel to celebrate the beginnings of what we know will be an extraordinary marriage. Although they were legally married on New Years Day of this year, I say that we are here to celebrate their marriage because marriage is a journey not a destination. It is more than any one single event or promise is a way of life and a series of decisions that have been made and will continue to be made over and over again that shows two peoples care and concern for the one whom they love most in the world.

Yet marriage in the larger sense has always been about family and community. Unlike a marriage, a wedding is an event. It is the place where two families meet and come together as one. Victoria and Daniel when you spoke your promises of love and faithfulness to one another, that moment spoke of the most intimate of human relationships. Yet those words had a power that was more far-reaching than just the two of you and your life together. Because as you spoke those words they formally and legally joined everyone who loves you as one family.

Today is not about all the pomp and circumstance that a wedding traditionally inspires. It is a gathering of all the people who have a lifetime of emotional investment in the two and in your happiness. It is a chance for family to meet family! It is also the day that everyone here gets to see the look in your eye as you once again make your promises of forever.

Victoria and Daniel, to choose marriage is to accept a challenge, the challenge that Love itself provides when it wants to grow. This means that things won’t always be easy. But you share a commitment to putting your best selves forward in both difficult and wonderful times, emerging stronger with each experience you share. It means that although either of you will always be perfect, you will never lose sight of the fact that you are perfect for one another.

Although you have been married in your hearts since your first ceremony, marriage in the larger sense has always been about family and community. There is something very important about publicly making your promises to one another, in front of all of everyone here, who has a lifetime of emotional investment in the two of you and in your happiness. Marriage is a promise to ever one here, that the person they love will always be well cared for.”

~ Welcoming of the Guests ~

“It is not often enough in today’s world that we have the opportunity to gather all those who mean the most to us together in one place. Therefore, Victoria and Daniel would like to thank you all for taking the time and making the journey and for all the preparations that were made on their behalf to ensure that they were surrounded by the love of family and friends as they made their marriage vows. There are no words of appreciation and gratitude great enough to match the feelings that this inspires in them as they stand here now and see all of you gathered here for no other reason than to show them how much you love them. You are their friends and family, the people who are ever present in all of their favorite memories, and those whom they love most in this world. It is such a physical representation of how truly blessed they are, that is both humbling and inspiring. It is the one thing that was missing from their first ceremony. Victoria and Daniel thank you for your presence here today, and for being there for them through all the days that it has taken to make this one a reality.”

~ From “Corelli’s Mandolin” ~
by Louis de Bernieres

‘Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of eternal passion. That is just being ‘in love’ which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Those that truly love, have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree and not two.’

~ The Rings ~

“Victoria and Daniel first exchanged their rings a little less than a year ago. The rings were exchanged with the promise of forever and in the wearing of them they found the strength of two joined together to become one. Victoria and Daniel believe that the vows they make this day do not replace their original vows, in fact they enhance them. And so they have chosen not to remove their rings, but to simply hold hands as they now re-exchange their marriage vows.”

~ Ring Vows ~

“Daniel, do you take Victoria
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Do you vow to love her and care for her
For as long as you both shall live?
Do you accept her, with all of her faults and strengths,
And offer yourself to her
with all of your own faults and strengths?
Do you promise to help her when she needs help,
and to turn to her when you need help?
Do you promise to be a faithful and loving companion
and to always put the promises you make this day
above all else?”

Daniel: “I do.”

“Please look into your beloved’s eyes and repeat after me.”

“I Daniel, take you Victoria, to be my wife.
I will love you, and honor you,
respect and cherish you,
For all the days of my life.”

“Victoria, do you take Daniel
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Do you vow to love him and care for him
For as long as you both shall live?
Do you accept him, with all of his faults and strengths,
And offer yourself to him
with all of your own faults and strengths?
Do you promise to help him when he needs help,
and to turn to him when you need help?
Do you promise to be a faithful and loving companion
and to always put the promises you make this day
above all else?”

Victoria: “I do.”

“Please look into your beloved’s eyes and repeat after me.”

“I Victoria, take you Daniel, to be my husband.
I will love you, and honor you,
respect and cherish you,
For all the days of my life.”

~ Pronouncement of Marriage ~

“Victoria and Daniel have chosen to conclude their ceremony with a short reading entitled “All I Want”.

All I want is to love you for the rest of my life….
To wake up every morning with you by my side,
Knowing that no matter what happens
I’ll be able to come home to your loving arms.
All I want is to share everything with you….
To talk to you about our ideas, our dreams,
The little everyday things that make us laugh,
And the not-so-little things
That we can’t help worrying about.
All I want is to give you my love….
As a place you can always come to for acceptance
Or the simple comfort that silence brings
When things left unspoken can still be understood.
All I want is to grow old with you…
To watch our life unfold,
Our dreams, one by one, come true.
All I want is to love you forever.

Having witnessed your marriage vows with all who are assembled here, it is with great joy, that I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may seal your promises with a kiss!”

Bride and Groom kiss and exit to greet their guests!


Renewal of Vows

~ Crystal & Hans ~

Married at the Fox Hollow’s Somerly. Their wedding was the most fabulous blend of over the top and down to earth I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

The sky is the limit for these two lovers!


~ Hand Washing Ceremony ~

Author Unknown

(The bride and groom approach a table with a glass bowl of water and two hand towels. Having flowers or lemon slices floating in the water is a nice touch.)

“Laura and Steve, today, in front of your family and friends, you start your life together anew as a married couple. As with any new endeavor, it is best to start with a clean slate – putting problems big and small behind you. You come acknowledging that the person you have chosen is not perfect, yet fits with you in a way no other person can. Whatever difficulties you may have experienced, today you have decided that your love is bigger than any of them and you have chosen a life together. Water brings forgiveness and we all need forgiveness. We need to forgive others and we need to forgive ourselves. As you wash your hands in this bowl of water, forgive yourself and each other for any pain in the past. Allow yourself to be forgiven for your human imperfections. Allowing yourselves to have your hands dried by each other signifies your vulnerability. And we have to be vulnerable — it breaks through isolation and in our own vulnerability, we become more caring and understanding of our mate. In a loving and compassionate marriage, to achieve the greatest intimacy, you must have the courage to be open and vulnerable to each other.

As they dry one another’s hands, the officiant asks:

Laura and Steve, do you begin your lives together with grace and compassion?”

Couple: ” We do”.



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