~ Sample Wedding Ceremonies ~

Thank You Ashley & Tyler for your amazing review…. it makes my heart happy to know that your ceremony was all that you hoped for mad more. Thank you also to tour fantastic DJ Company Long Island Sound for this great photo!

We saw April at another family members wedding way before we were planning to get married. I looked over to my (now) husband and said, whenever I get married, I want to use her. Fast forward a few years later, and April was one of the first people I contacted during our wedding planning process.

Meeting with April felt like connecting with an old friend. We talked about our relationship, what we wanted and hoped for our ceremony and everything in between. My husband said it best: “I would just say something out loud to April, and then she made it into this beautiful work of art.”

Working with April during the interim was a breeze. We were able to revise anything we felt necessary, and had several options of phrases/wording to select from. The writing was as personal as it gets.

On our actual wedding day, I watched April public speak in a way I have never seen anyone do before! It was like she took the story of us and recited it so eloquently to our family and friends. EVERYONE leaving that ceremony knew our relationships story from start to finish. There was not a dry eye in the house–including myself.

I can go on and on about all of the amazing things… But I’ll leave it with….there is no one else we would have rather had, or that could have done it better than April did.

Our sample wedding Ceremonies are arranged in sections below. Feel free to skip ahead. I’m big on personalization. Writing with you helps to give the guests a peek into what makes your relationship the one that you are committed to having last a lifetime. Seeing a side of you that they wouldn’t see on any other day makes them feel somehow closer to you, and to one another, weaving the emotional bonds that make them the fabric of our life. This is usually done in a personal section and/or with the vows.

So personal section aside, let’s start with some structural things to think about…

Religion, Yes or No, and if so which ones and how much?

Speaking and Writing, would you like to write your vows?

Are you interested in the little ceremonies that can go on during the wedding such as candles, wine, roses, and so on?

Are there any parts of a traditional ceremony that you love or hate?

Is there something that is an important part of your life that you want included?

And the big ones….
What do you need to promise to one another to live a long and happy life together?

What do you want to promise and be promised on your wedding day?

The best compliment that I have ever gotten was from a young couple who after the wedding had moved out of state. They were newlyweds, first time home owners with new jobs, away from the support of friends and family… And they said that when things got tough, that reading over what they had written for their wedding ceremony helped. This is the kind of tool that I want to give you for the rest of your life. I know it sounds ambitious but I have no right to give you anything less than my best when it comes to the most important day of your lives.

Very few websites have sample wedding ceremonies that include original writing for you to look at. Our writings are included in many of the packages that other officiants give their couples to copy and paste from. Yet original writing and assembling from a list of sample wedding ceremonies are two very different things. If you are looking for samples of how real couples thoughts and feelings are woven into a ceremony you are in the right place! And I would be honored to do the same for you. By the same token if you see a ceremony that’s perfect for you as is…. well then perfection is hard to argue with! And we offer a “skip the meeting discount” to those who want only the time on the wedding day.

But enough chit chat, for now! On to the Sample Wedding Ceremonies!

~ Sample Civil Ceremonies ~
(Also called “Justice of the Peace” Style Ceremonies. These are Marriage Ceremonies that include poetry, personal sections, words on marriage and love, and sometimes cultural aspects, with no reference to God)

~ Religious, Interfaith, and Multi-Cultural Weddings ~
(Spiritual, Interfaith, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Celtic, African, Greek, Chinese)

~ Sample Theme Wedding Ceremonies ~
(Central Park Wedding, Vineyard, Beach, Renaissance, Pirate, Airplane, Baseball)

~ Sample Baby Blessings and Welcomings ~
(My version of a Birth Celebration, Multi-Cultural Adoption)

~ Same Sex Marriage Ceremony Samples ~
(As if the title doesn’t say it all, these ceremonies DO include the wording that makes you legally married)

~ Commitment Ceremony Samples ~
(Secular and Religious samples, for those in states where same sex marriage is not yet legal and for those who for their own reasons cannot be legally married)

~ Ceremonies that Include Children ~
(Family Sand Ceremony, Family Unity Candle, Children’s Gift Ceremony, Sharing of Bread and Drink)

~ Renewal of Vow Samples ~
(For when it is so good that you would do it all over again)

~ Bilingual Ceremonies ~
(So far I have added samples of French & English, Chinese & English and Spanish & English. The French is an example of everything said in 2 languages. The Spanish and Chinese are blended.

~ Spanish Wedding Ceremonies ~
Here you will find ceremonies that are all in Spanish. They are Performed by one of my Spanish speaking officiants, at the location of your choice.


Susan and Jenk – She waited all her life for her one true love. Just when she was about to give up her handsome prince traveled half way around the world, landing in New York City then out to Long Island to finally find her and make her dreams come true.

Their first ceremony was an elopement to Babylon’s Argyle Park. Their second was with Family, Friends and their beautiful baby boy at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale. Photos by “LIAffordablephoto.com






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