~ Marriage Readings & Poetry ~

Thank you to Park Ave Studios for this great photo from Amanda & Rob’s ceremony at the Maritime Museum in Sayville. Here we have the Groom’s mom Louise delivering “The Art of Marriage” with much love.

Writing a resource for Marriage Readings and Poetry was quite a challenge! Many couples LOVE the traditional readings that generation upon generation have heard on their wedding day. For some couples 1st Corinthians is a must have, when they think of the words that “make you married”. For other couples Traditional wording sounds like nails on a blackboard! They want to know if I have anything in Klingon… Well… Yes… It’s on my Off Beat Page. Your reading should fit your taste. So as you can imagine I have collected quite a few different styles and arranged them in sections for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s talk about choosing a reader for a moment. Do you have someone who is well read, someone who is literary, a good and comfortable public speaker, who would enjoy speaking at your wedding? If so, you have found your reader! If not, think twice about asking someone to read, just to give them “something to do”. Many people will say “Yes” while they are seeing the invitation as more burden than blessing. We have all been to weddings where we see someone struggle through the wording and ceremonies where the reader has been stellar! My advice is choose Stellar! If you don’t have someone who would be a great reader but you do have a reading that you love, I would be happy to read it.

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Marriage Readings & Poetry
Church of Ancient Ways Rev. Aviva Sala on the ice at a New York Islanders Game helping make hockey fans Carolyn and Kent wedding day dreams come true!






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