~ Why I Love My PA System ~

For several reasons……

First is that while I can project to the back, to do so, I am yelling in your ear.
Including it for free means I almost pay for myself in what you
save renting one from somewhere else.
Because it’s all wireless and I can move around freely,
letting you face your guests at times.

Why I Love My PA System

Look at the pictures on this page.
All these couples are have the mic on.
The only thing you can see is the thin cord coming out of my
robe. They were heard in natural tones and have no big stand
and microphone in their face or to fumble with in their hands
(There’s nothing “micro” about a hand held.)

Why I Love My PA System

Notice also no big speakers in the background to detract from
natural settings. Yes… Many halls have their own system, but they are
all large and with mine, the only part visible is smaller than my pinky nail.

Why I Love My PA System

There’s no electric where you’ll be?
No problem, I carry that too!

Loud enough for roughly 300 guest, depending on the acoustics.


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