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Heidi and Ryan chose the Fulton Ferry
Landing for their ceremony for the
wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge

I finally got around to getting you a
few pictures from Heidi and my
wedding. Thank you again for
performing such a beautiful ceremony.

All the best,
Love Heidi and Ryan Resky.



Wedding Officiant Fees and Services vary greatly and this page was among the hardest for me to compose.

Every ceremony that I do is different and all couples have different needs. My fees are based on the real time on the calendar with your name on it. Location is a factor because although I do not schedule closer than 3 hours between weddings (unless they are in the same town or building) if there is a bridge, tunnel, or single lane roads that are sometimes slowed by a tractor… I give you a larger window of time. Whether we are writing personal sections with original material for you is another factor. My meetings are usually an hour to an hour and a half and then it’s another 2 hours at my computer to spin your thoughts into paragraphs that we can work with. If you are flexible as to your ceremony start time, this is a great way to reduce the fee. Backyard weddings work especially well this way. In general if you need more time the fee will reflect this. If you want to reduce the fee the question is what are you willing to give up? There are lots of different options and many couple’s needs vary. If 20 minutes is all you want from me, meaning I can marry another couple a half hour before and after you, then “Just Marry Us” is the ticket for you.

Full Custom Ceremony with Original Writing
Writing and public speaking are my strong points. This is where I do my best work and you get the most value for your dollar. Anyone can give you lists of things to copy and paste from, let you choose readings and vows and then call it “custom”. But if it’s not your own thoughts and feelings which speak for and about YOU… then it is just assembled and not truly custom. My ceremonies include a meeting where I start with a blank piece of paper, paraphrase your thoughts and feelings, and create a first draft of your ceremony. Then we tailor it until it fits as perfectly as the dress does!

Choose a Pre-written Ceremony from my web site
Do you see something on my website that is perfect for you? Do you want to pick a few elements or give me a few guidelines and let me handle the rest? Well then let’s give you a discount for the roughly 3 hours that we’re saving by skipping the meeting and original writing! This is what many officiants consider a personalized ceremony. It is a mix and match, rather than starting with a blank piece of paper and writing new material with you. If you like something more traditional, consider yourselves to be more private people, or if you can write and speak very well, and your Personal Vows will be the centerpiece of your ceremony… you are all the kind of couple for which this works perfectly!

Minister & Rabbi Duo
Interfaith ceremonies are a huge part of our rich cultural heritage in this area. We love taking the best of what the world has to offer and calling it our own, celebrating both the differences and the commonality. For the couples who choose a two officiant ceremony, there should be a fluid dynamic to the rhythm with which the ceremony is delivered. Balance, respect and knowledge of cultural differences are the key to choosing the right officiant team. This package includes everything in the “Full Custom Ceremony”, a meeting with both CoAW officiants, and new writing. While the entire ceremony time could be filled with religious structure, for a warmer friendlier ceremony, we suggest a formula of 1/3 of each religion and 1/3 original to the couple themselves. Our Rabbi was born in Israel with Hebrew as her 1st languages, so you are assured the pronunciation of the prayers will be perfect. She also speaks a little Arabic and will come to marry you any day of the week! We also perform beautiful Baby Blessings that embrace both religions and cultures.

Full Day Service
This works well for couples who want to be the only wedding scheduled on their day. Some like to rehearse not an hour before but 3 hours before and then do pictures. Some weddings, Up State New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in particular require the time that two or three local weddings could be performed in. The fee will be based on traveling and time spent both on the day and for what ever levels of pre-ceremony service you choose.

Stay for a Meal Blessing
Most couples have a family member perform this function, However if you would like me to stay and give a blessing before dinner I would be honored! I am scheduled to leave after concluding the ceremony so small fee is required to reserve this extra time on the calendar.

Destination Weddings
As my home page says I’ll go anywhere, especially if the flight is on you! The fee will be based on real time spent to make your day amazing and perfect! Air and lodging, if necessary, for destination weddings are provided by the couple.

All the above services include the changes and fine tuning that make the draft into your ceremony, and as much email and phone support that you need to be comfortable with every aspect of your ceremony.

All of my weekend wedding officiant fees and services include not scheduling closer than 3 hours in between weddings, unless of course they within a couple of miles of one another or at the same venue. I get to the site 45 minutes to 1 hour early to make sure that any one who has a part is comfortable, and to coordinate with the other vendors and such. I stay for approximately 45 minutes after the scheduled start time, with the ceremony ending 30 minutes after scheduled start time, and the final 15 minutes to break down my sound system, congratulate you and your families, and finish up any paperwork that’s left..

I bring my own PA and even electricity if necessary.
(this can be an additional fee of $250.00 – $300.00 if not supplied by the hall or officiant.
Mine is also smaller than my pinky nail so it is almost inviable in photos)

You get the printed ceremony book that I read from with a keepsake Certificate of Marriage.

I sign and process the real Marriage License, always sent certified mail, with a tracking number.

If there is a copy machine on site, I copy the Marriage License for your records.
If not a scan can be emailed to you.

Cash on the day is my favorite method of payment. For those who wish to pay by postal money order… I take those any time prior to one month before the ceremony date. After that it is cash on the day only.

There is a $50.00 pr 15 minutes late fee for any ceremony starting 15 minutes after the
scheduled start time.

(Why? Because believe it or not, sometimes couples lie to me, or quite by accident they give me the gathering time and not the ceremony time. There are also the couples who negotiate the lowest price they can, assuring me “They only want 20 minutes” of my time – which is never the case unless they come to me – and then they run late. So the fee is really to protect my couples from being inconsiderate to one another. I just want everything to be perfect and running close to schedule helps that happen.)

Just Marry Us!
$100.00 – $150 Mid-week

I perform simple ceremonies here at my house in Kings Park Monday – Thursday. I ask a few questions about content and then all my parts are done from memory. If you just want the 5 sentences that make you legally married, we can do that as well. For this service I mark off a half hour of time on the calendar, you are in and out in 15 min and the fee is $100. I have an agreement with my landlord that I won’t have more then the couple and 1 or 2 witnesses here at a time. So even if you have 3 people that want to come, we have to find another location. 
The gazebo in Northport Harbor is my favorite, because it is free and absolutely beautiful. As a public park you can have as many people there as you like. For Northport I mark off 1 hour of time on the calendar. It takes 20 min to get there, 20 min to marry you and then 20 min home and the fee is $150. 
wedding Ceremony location

Northport Village Park Gazebo

With both these options the fee is so low because you are hiring me for a very short and specific period of time, therefore late fees are $50. pr 15 minutes. If people do want to come and you choose Northport Harbor, I recommend having everyone there a half hour before the start time. This way if they are a little late it doesn’t raise the fee. 
Other locations are absolutely an option and as always, the fee is based on real time, to from, and with you.

Even smaller weddings still need photos!
For those not wanting to leave this to friends and family, I recommend Chris from As You Wish Photography. He has hourly rates and will give you all your photos on a CD.

Click here to see one of his Argyle Gazebo weddings!

Fees Services Wedding Officiant

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