~ Empire State Building Valentines Day Weddings ~


Every year The Empire State Building holds a contest and 14 lucky couples from around the world, are chosen to get married at the top of the city. Lucky me, I was the officiant in 2008 & 2009! The beautiful winners from those years are here with excerpts from their ceremonies.

Congratulations and many happy years to you all!

For information on the current years festivities see the ESB website.

~ 2009 ~

This years weddings, performed by myself and by Brooklyn based Humanist Celebrant Eileen Regan were web cast with live streaming video all day long!

Anni and Delon Mollett of Birmingham, Michigan and Arlington, Texas

Asherel and Linnell Totten of Durham, North Carolina (That’s a tattoo of the ESB!)

Cristina and Joseph Fasano of Mississauga, Canada and Yonkers, New York

Dodi and Timothy Nicholson of Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Hailey and Barth Carson of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Heidi and Kevin Koski Of Where ever the US Coast Guard stations them next!

Juanita and Christopher Kerber of Alexandria, Virginia

Natalie Sauro and Jessica Chesnutt of Brooklyn, New York

Rose and Michael Le Grand of Brooklyn, New York

Kimberly and Mathias Turck of New York City, New York

Yanan and Michael Zhang of Selden, New York

The photos below are of the sunrise on Valentines Day 2009
Taken from the ceremony site at the Empire State Building

Empire State Building NYC Valentines Day Weddings
Empire State Building NYC Valentines Day Weddings

~ 2008 ~

Empire State Building NYC Valentines Day Weddings

2008 was my first year working with this project and I can’t tell you how truly amazing it was, and is to be a part of an event that is held in a place that people from all over the world dream of. It is like being a part of history as it is made. I am honored to be included in such a wonderful event. But enough about me we know it’s really all about the couples! So here they are!
Empire State Building NYC Valentines Day Weddings

Tonya and Tosin Abari of Laurel Maryland

Cristina and Jason Arreguin of California

Kaymarie and JD Holt of where ever the US Air Force needs them

Melanie and Joseph Castine of Philadelphia, PA

Whitney and Timothy Randall of Massachusetts and the UK

Sara and George Mostoller of Wadsworth Ohio

Jessica and Nicholas Liu of Queens New York

Yi-Bing and Matthew Percival of Hollywood California

Marlo and Greg Breeze of Lakeland Florida

Marlo and David Warnock of Trumansburg, NY

Kathleen and Dustin Love of Birmingham Alabama

Jennifer and Dan McClure of Massachusetts

Photos by Josephine Solimene, Rabbani & Solimene Photography


Special thanks to Nicole Grzywacz of the ESB Special Events Dept and Jennifer Gaonach of Brides.com who brought all the pieces together and made everything flow smoothly and beautifully from the first kiss to the last!


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