~ Wedding Traditions ~

Excerpts From “Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things”
by Charles Panati

I have enjoyed Charles Panati’s work seemingly forever. A former physicist and science editor of n Newsweek, he is considered the country’s leading authority on the origins of just about everything. His books span that middle ground between History, Science, Religion, Philosophy and everything that makes us humans….well, “human”. I highly recommend a look at his website.

Marriage Customs: A.D. 200 Northern Europe
(Best Man – Carrying the Bride over the threshold)

Wedding Rings: 2800 B.C. Egypt

Diamond Engagement Ring: 15th Century Venice

Ring Finger: 3rd Century B.C. Greece

Marriage Banns: 8th Century, Europe

Wedding Cake: 1st Century B.C. Rome

Throwing Shoes at the Bride: Antiquity Asia and Europe

Wedding March: 19th Century England

White Wedding Dress and Veil:
16th Century England and France


Wedding Traditions

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