~ Add romance and elegance to your affair With a String Quartet ~

By Francesca Jourawleff, Violinist – Vintage String Quartet

String Quartet

The string quartet is widely seen as one of the most important forms in chamber music, with most major composers, from the late 18th century onwards, writing specially for string quartets. Yet the fusion of classical and modern is an upscale way to connect the elegance of a bygone era with today’s celebration of a lifetime.

A String Quartet will add romance and elegance to any wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, art gallery opening or corporate event. This small, intimate musical group consists of 2 violins, a violist and a cello player. Other terms used to describe a string quartet are string ensemble, chamber ensemble, chamber group and classical ensemble. However you phrase it, a string quartet will produce some of the most beautiful music that you will ever hear.

Don’t be fooled by the term classical, though. A quality, experienced string quartet should be versatile and able to play several different musical styles, in addition to classical music, such as jazz classics, Broadway and movie themes, love songs, popular standards and even rock songs.

You can listen to some examples of these different styles of music performed by a string quartet at VStringQ.com.

There is no sound that can re-create the beautiful, lyrical sound of a quality string quartet performing for your wedding and/or cocktail hour. Whether you are the bride that has always dreamed about walking down the aisle to that romantic melody or the groom who wants to hear his favorite pop/rock song performed at his cocktail hour, you owe it to yourself, your fiancee’ and your guests to book one today. It will create, as many of our clients have expressed to our group, The Vintage String Quartet, “ musical memories that your guests will remember and reminisce about for years to come”.

Musically Yours,
Francesca Jourawleff – Violinist for The Vintage String Quartet
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String Quartet

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