~ Add Romance and Elegance to your affair with Live Music ~

Music is a wonderful sound that touches our hearts and souls. Our deepest emotions can be transmitted through instrument and song. In my personal opinion, part of why live music is a wonderful addition to weddings in particular is that the real people who are there to play are truly happy for you and want you to live a long and happy life together. They are emotionally participating and bringing the right energy, which is carried on the sounds of their instruments, and enhance the overall atmosphere.

M.A.S. Music can provide a full orchestra as well as offer many different instrumental packages for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Packages include the very popular string quartet, with 2 violins, a viola, and cello. Or how about a jazz quartet, with a saxophone, keyboard, bass and drums?

Maybe you have always found the strings to be your favorite, then perhaps a string trio with 2 violins and a cello? All of our musicians are joyful, talented professionals who play well together in all combinations… violin, flute and keyboard trio, violin, flute and cello trio, jazz trio of sax, keyboard and drums…

Duo packages consist of 2 violins, violin/cello, violin/flute, violin/keyboard, violin/guitar, trumpet/keyboard.

Solo instruments and the most amazing performers are also happy to come and play for all kinds of events and celebrations.  From classical music to modern songs, we are looking forward to playing your requests. You tell us the sounds of your dreams and we can make it happen!

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Adding live music to your ceremony is an elegant and beautiful way to captivate the spirit and love that will be present in your hearts for years to come.

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