~ A Solo Guitarist For Your Special Day! ~

by Shan Kenner

The timeless tradition of including live music at Weddings goes back thousands of years, they are virtually as inseparable as the Bride and Groom to be. Historically string instruments from Harp/Violin/Mandolin or Sitar have provided the perfect soundtrack for couple’s special day. However with the introduction of Guitar a few centuries back, the most versatile and complementary instrument was discovered. Guitar has proved to be endless in it’s broad spectrum of styles, moods and textures, from Clapton to Classical which is why it still continues to be the perfect fit for Wedding Ceremonies, Cocktail hour and Dinner reception music.

Why is This?
Ceremony Music: The Romantic anthems performed with guitar’s deep emotive & lyrical quality touches every listener’s soul. As your guests arrive through the prelude, processional-ceremony/vows and recessional the elegance and timeless quality captured with a guitarist’s performance creates a memorable experience for many years to come.

Cocktail Hour: Now the guitarist switches gears bringing some upbeat rhythmic and contemporary styles to your wedding. Jazz, Flamenco, Brazilian-Bossa Nova, Blues, 70’s music all performed providing a lovely backdrop enhancing the celebration as your family and guests greet and mingle with each other.

Dinner Music: Combined with the extended repertoire of styles, now the guitarist can complement your family and guest’s dinner as they sit down and relax with you, performing selections of songs that complement your tastes and personality.

You and your fiancée will also now have a time to unwind a bit as the guitar serenades for you and recaptures the essence of your special day.

A Solo Guitarist

Shan Kenner

When working one on one with someone as talented as Shan, you see the innate understanding that someone with music in their soul has for your day.

Shan’s website has a huge selection of audio samples. No matter where your event, it is well worth a listen.

Shan is currently serving Long Island, New York City, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and the Tri-State area.

A Solo Guitarist

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