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No fairy tale has ever had a princess more beautiful nor a Prince more charming than April and Rich. The photo below is their exit from the Vanderbilt Mansion in Centerport.

Well, as you can tell by now I am a pretty prolific writer…. Below are some wedding articles that I have
written for LIWeddings.com and other publications along with some of my favorites written by
friends and colleagues and other authors. I hope you enjoy them!

The New York Times Wedding and Celebration Announcements Section
Have you ever imagined telling the entire world about your love?
Still as impressive as ever, but no longer only for high society’s elite
the New York Times may be just the place to tell your story.
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

Can Someone Ordained Online Legally Marry Us on Long Island?
Here are the court cases and rulings that make up the quagmire that is this question.
There are also links a New York Times article and Wikipedia page for more cases and information
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

Central Park Weddings
This wedding articles all linked up with photos and everything you need to know about being married in one of the great parks of the world.
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

Ceremony Only Locations
Just like the title says! If you are looking for a place to have just your ceremony, here are some chapels, gazebos, parks and museums that you might want to look at.

Changing Your Name
Links to all the folks and government agencies that you will want to inform of your new name and the forms you need to do that.
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

The Time of Your Life
Benefits to being on time on your wedding day
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

The Processional
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

A Civil Ceremony Before The Big Day?
by Pastor Marie April Gismondi

Wedding Traditions
Excerpts From “Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things”
by Charles Panati

What is “Convalidation” in the Roman Catholic Church?
by Reverend Cheryl D. Cavalconte, MA of WeddingMinistersRI.com
I have gotten many questions from couples who wish to be married outdoors, at their hall, or even in a quick civil ceremony and then receive the Sacrement of Marriage from the Roman Catholic Church. I knew the word was “convalidation” but didn’t have an answer to many of the questions that my couples were asking as there were really no articles on the subject. This article is here with many thanks to it’s author, Rev. Cheryl Cavalconte who serves Rhode Island and New England.

Dove Releases
Things to consider when you want the doves you release to make it home safely
by Macy of White Wings NY Dove Releases

A Solo Guitarist For Your Special Day!
by Guitarist Shan Kenner
Live music has an energy all it’s own that really creates mood and atmosphere. I must admit I bothered Shan for months, asking for some articles, or even just one, so I could get couples to his website to hear the amazing samples he has there. But there is nothing like having people who are passionate about what they do involved in making your day shine.

The String Quartet
by Francesca Jourawleff of The Vintage String Quartet
There is nothing like the sound of talented musicians playing in harmony music so beautiful that it has made people weep for hundreds of years. It’s a tough act to follow, but the modern string quartet offers that and even more!

Bagpipes, Irish Flute & Celtic Music For Your Wedding
by Darius Kaufmann of Bagpipes and Celtic Music
This part of the country has always had a strong connection to it’s Celtic roots. Bagpipes have for may law Enforcement and Fire fighters always been a Must Have when it comes to life celebrations. Want to learn more? Here’s your article written by my favorite Piper!

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Elyse & Drue – Together since the tender age of 14. Married at the fabulous Chateau Briand. Photo by Tommy Myers of Studio 790. Follow the link above to see more of Elyse & Dru and their Thank You cards!


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