Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not?

April absolutely made us feel comfortable, she adopted that we didn’t want such a religious ceremony but a more historical one and it came out beautifully. It made us feel accepted for the couple we are and could portray to our families.

What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected?

There wasn’t really anything unexpected, except that I burst out laughing during the ceremony and it was quite alright. The flow of the ceremony she wrote for us was tied together ever so beautifully.

How did you personalize your wedding ceremony?

April personalized our whole ceremony. She will cater to you make the ceremony what you want it to be, she takes all your thoughts and ideas and through her magic she comes up with the perfect ceremony. She was able to write vows for my husband and I that we in a million years couldn’t have wrote better ourselves.

Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests?

I really don’t have a favorite comment because every comment we received about the ceremony was that it was the BEST ceremony they have ever witnessed!

Personable: 5 Stars
Customized Ceremony: 5 Stars
Reliable: 5 Stars
Presence: 5 Stars