Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not?

Absolutely. At the first meeting I felt like I knew her forever. She is pleasant and personable and keeps in touch with you throughout your engagement unlike other vendors who you think forgot about you until your wedding day.

What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected?

She provides a book with your ceremony printed up as a keepsake. She gives you all the resources you need for changing your name and I received the wedding certificate only a few days after the ceremony.

How did you personalize your wedding ceremony?

She asks personal questions to truly understand you as a couple. The ceremony is totally personalized, unique and creative. We chose our own vows, prayers, readings and personal touches. She leaves it completely up to you whatever type of ceremony you’d like to have.

Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests?

Everyone tells us how beautiful our ceremony was and what a great and romantic speaker Pastor April was.

Personable: 5 Stars
Customized Ceremony: 5 Stars
Reliable: 5 Stars
Presence: 5 Stars