From Dawn C

Easiest Decision in Planning Your Wedding

My husband and I just got our wedding video back recently and when I watched our ceremony it was even more beautiful than I remember it. Not because we had an amazing venue, or a perfect day but because of the words that were spoken during our ceremony from Pastor April. My husband and I were very adamant about having a ceremony that was ours…besides the few traditions we kept we wanted our guests to feel like it wasn’t your normal cookie cutter wedding ceremony. From the moment we spoke with Pastor April on the phone we knew we were going to hire her within the first five minutes. Her happy disposition and how easy it was to talk to her and explain what we wanted just flowed. We set up a meeting immediately to meet her and started the process of our ceremony. Within the first 10 minutes of our meeting she asked us some questions about ourselves and as a couple and wrote a beautiful beginning to our ceremony right in front of us. We were floored. The best decision we made was having Pastor April at our wedding. We are still receiving compliments about our wedding ceremony and how personal it was. Many times we have heard “the most beautiful and personal wedding I’ve ever been to”. This makes me and my husband ecstatic because its exactly what we were going for. She brought such a unique touch to our wedding and her words about us a couple still touch me to this day. Thank you so much Pastor April… were amazing! This is the easiest decision you can make…she is wonderful and I cannot imagine to have had anyone else officiate my wedding! BOOK HER NOW!