Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not?

April made us very comfortable. She met with me and my husband to discuss the whole process and to tell her our story. She was nothing but kind and understanding. She sent us drafts to look over and change if we wished and it was amazing. She was the best!

What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected?

April added details about our story and past that made it special and unique to us. She let us pick our each part of the ceremony and she made it the best moment of our lives!

How did you personalize your wedding ceremony?

We personalized it by discussing how we met and actually knew eachother our whole lives. April had an introduction that was soley based on our relationship.

Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests?

Guests could not stop raving about April and how wonderful she was. She was funny and caring and made it so emotional that everyone cried. It was a one of a kind experience!

Personable: 5 Stars
Customized Ceremony: 5 Stars
Reliable: 5 Stars
Presence: 5 Stars