5 OUT OF 5
Stephanie and Steven 8/7/2011

Hi April & Everyone Reading this! If I have one thing to say about April it is to book her, BOOK HER NOW! If you want that ceremony, you know, the one where the macho men are brought to tears, and the one people talk about saying it was ‘the best they have ever seen done’ then this is the officiant you want. Every single person at our wedding gushed over our ceremony. It is so worth it to get a personalized piece done, it was like she knew us forever. My Mother even said it seemed as if April truly loved us like she was a part of our family. Her voice inflection and genuine smile just add to the beautiful words she will say at your ceremony. Traditional or not, she adds the perfect touch to your wedding day. The phone is still ringing asking for her information which we are happy to give!

Without Wax,
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Stephanie Coiro