Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not?

I was very comfortable using Rev. April Gismondi. From the second we first sat down on her couch she was professional and warm.

What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected?

Her personality, delivery and upbeat energy added a lot to the ceremony. She also had us face our guests, as she walked through the crowd, which was a really different and great touch, because it made our guests a part of it.

How did you personalize your wedding ceremony?

Our entire ceremony was personalized. We met with Rev. April and came up with what we wanted to be included and the things that were important to us. She followed up, very quickly, by e-mailing us a draft, allowing us to pick and choose certain passages and edit anything we wanted to change

Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests?

My husband and I wanted a spiritual, non-religious ceremony. My favorite guest comment, would be that my devout Catholic mother-in-law loved the ceremony, and even asked for contact information to possible have Rev April perform a memorial service. That is how I knew she really knocked it out of the park!

Personable: 5 Stars
Customized Ceremony: 5 Stars
Reliable: 5 Stars
Presence: 5 Stars