From ‘JuneBride2010’


I was married June 26th of this year. Pastor April was our officiant. My husband and I met with her earlier this year. She was our first and only officiant we met with. Right from the beginning, we got an absolutely wonderful vibe with her. For my husband, this means alot, since he tends to want keep his options open and see more vendors. when we met, she sat us out in her yard (which was just a beautiful space) and we talked. she mostly listened and wrote. what she read back to us was a rough draft of our ceremony, which was awesome. it was everything my husband and I said about each other but with better words. she emailed us several samples of ceremonies that included these words and we just picked one.

The day of, Pastor April was at the venue early, just as she said she would. she did a quick rehearsal with everyone involved in the ceremony. she even jumped in and stood up for us when the catering manager wanted to bring our ceremony indoors due to inclement weather and she could tell I clearly didn’t want to. For that, I am grateful and can’t recommend her enough.

The ceremony was flawless. Afterwards, I got many comments on how some people cried because the ceremony was so personal and so us. Pastor April was definitely a crowd pleaser and a favorite. My family absolutely adored her. She rocks!!!