From ‘joe1896’

5.0 – I will make this very simple…if you decide to utilize Pastor April services, you will NOT regret the decision. In fact, I have no doubt that you will look back and feel truly blessed that such a warm, caring, and understanding person presided over your special day. From the FIRST phone conversation, it was evident that she cared as much as we did about capturing the perfect words to say what we wanted to say to our family, friends, and to each other. What’s more, Pastor April puts in the time and effort truly understand the two people being joined together. Her help throughout the ENTIRE process was the personification of “putting in the extra effort.” She was equal parts officiant, wedding planner, and therapist throughout the time we worked together. In all 3 capacities, her assistance was absolutely invaluable.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that after the ceremony was over, she made a point of coming up to the bridal suite (where we were eating and relaxing) to thank US for allowing her to preside over the ceremony. She told us that SHE had been excited for our wedding since she met us. It was an absolutely unbelievable feeling to be so connected with our officiant. Our wedding day was perfect, and Pastor April was a major reason why. Just as we do, you will feel truly blessed should you decide to work with her.