From ‘Christine’

5.0 – Pastor April was wonderful up to and through our wedding. Although she did tell me that I was running late and my violinists were going to leave. Not something you really should tell the bride right before she going to walk down the aisle. Especially when I was only 10 minutes late in arriving and my florist wasn’t even done setting up. I think she was just trying to help, but what could I do. She should have been talking to the groom who was out there not me.

Church of Ancient Ways – Marie April Gismondi Wedding Officiant responded with the following comments:
Thank you for all the stars! And I am sorry the timing concerns caused stress but I am also glad that we started right after we talked and were able to do the full 20 minute ceremony with music for the exit. We were scheduled for a 4pm start. Your musicians had to leave by 5pm for their next wedding. We were over a half hour late. The choice to start right away and do everything as planned, continue to wait and to shorten the ceremony in order to have recessional music, or to go without a recessional, I did not feel was mine to make without asking you. But as I said I am glad that everything worked out and was beautiful in the end.